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Our Story

Andre and Bruno, The Founding Brothers of Steak on Fire

In order to understand how Steak on Fire was created, first you have to know an important fact about our family: we are originally from the south of Brazil, where grilling juicy and delicious cuts of steak on Sundays is the ultimate tradition! However, because of our father’s great appreciation for the American way of life, we all ended up coming for good to this amazing country. Adapting to the American culture and making lots of friends was a very natural and easy process, except for one detail: On grilling day, our American friends wanted to eat burgers and watch football whereas we wanted to grill Brazilian steaks and watch soccer.

This dilemma was finally solved when we were both getting our MBA’s from Duke University, where we decided to unite everyone’s desire by serving Brazilianv steaks on bread! The result among our peers was so fantastic that our entrepreneur spirit urged us to move from our successful corporate careers to invest in this concept as a business. Now, we are proud to say that Steak on Fire is an American restaurant that serves a delicious Brazilian tradition.
As for the football/soccer issue… well, now we have two TVs, side by side, of course!